Introducing Jerry's Flex-Sander

Discover Jerry’s Flex-Sander, the new, simple, durable and efficient way to detail sand your art and crafts project. No other hand sander works as well as the Flex-Sander! The amazing Flex-Sander simply bends to fit into the tough to get to places that other hand held detail sanders cannot reach. It is easy to hold and manipulate into hard to reach areas, as well as using it for simple flat sanding. Read More

Jerry’ s Flex-Sander offers firm edge sanding to get into spaces as small as 3 /32 inch, and curves to get in behind tight spots that stiff and solid detail sanders can’t touch.

Discover this new tool and open up a new world of detailed woodworking and art. The Flex-Sander replacement belts cost much less than traditional detail hand sander belts. And since the belt rotates around the Flex-Strip, you can make efficient use of the entire sanding belts.

Compare the prices on Jerry’s Flex-Sander belts, and you’ll be amazed how much money you will save! Jerry’s Flex-Sander is sure to become your favorite “Go To” finishing tool!

1" Starter kit

package of flex sander 1 inch starter kit

1/2" Starter kit

package of flex sander half inch starter kit

Single/Add on

The Flex  Sander

Customer Feedback

Jerry's Flex-Sander is Great. It is a true detail sander that answers so many of my hard to get to places that has frustrated me for so long. What I like most is the straight edge, it is like the edge of a folded sheet of sandpaper only when it gets used up all you have to do is slightly rotate the belt and you have a new edge to use, Fantastic.
St. Petersburg, Florida

It is hard to believe that such simple little device can do so much to answer so many of my detail sanding needs. As a house painter things like trim molding, deco doors, fire place mantles, inlaid table tops, crown moldings, stair way railing spindles drove me nuts. I could not tell you how many times I folded and refold a sheet of sand paper trying to get in all the nook and crannies. Now it is simple with this one little flex sander you can do it all easily Thanks Jerry's Flex Sander.
Macon, Ga.

I'm a yacht owner in Ft. Meyers, Fl. and the up keep is never ending. The painting, polishing, sanding, rust stains, corroded electrical contacts one thing or another the list seems endless. I am all ways looking for something that will make it easier and not take up to much space. I was at a wood carving show looking at all the amazing things a wood carver can do to a piece of wood when I came across a man selling a little detail sander called Jerry's Flex Sander. As I stood there listening to him give his sales pitch to several people lined up in front of his table. He was showing them how it would do inside curves, outside curves, go into really tight spots, how to use the edge and when it is used up to rotate the belt and you have a new edge to use. Then as if in passing he says that carpenters, painters, cabinet makers where his biggest customers, even auto restorers use it to remove gasket sealer and in the higher grits like nine hundred and a thousand grit wettable paper use it to polish alloy metals. So I bought some and all I can say is He was right.
Ft. Meyers, Fl.